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Hazard Ratings: (Low 1-3, Moderate 4-6, High 7-8, Extreme 9-10)

The hazard rating refers to physical beach and surf conditions ONLY and
does not include potentially dangerous marine life.


Warrilla Beach is a curving, east-facing 2 km beach

extending between Windang Island and the shallow

inlet at Barrack Point. The northern half of the beach is

backed by the entrance training wall then natural dunes,

which have been stabilised to form a large park, with the

Warrilla SLSC and a car park located toward the southern end.


The southern half of the beach is backed by beachfront houses and a caravan park. The houses were nearly washed away in the mid-1970s, which resulted in the construction of a high rock seawall and bike path that backs the southern 1 km of beach terminating at a groyne at the creek mouth. The original surf club formed in 1959, had to be abandoned, as the erosion and then the seawall removed the southern half of the beach.


The beach receives waves averaging 1.4 m which, decrease into the northern corner (called Windang Bay) behind Windang Island and in the south behind Barrack Point. The beach has relatively fine sand which helps produce a double bar system following high waves. The inner bar is usually attached to the beach and cut by 6-8 rips, with their intensity, decreasing toward each end.

- Alan Beveridge

- Laurie Boyle 

- Jason Krstevski

- (02) 4296 4743

-  info.warillasurf@gmail.com 

- 7 Osborne Parade,

  Warilla, NSW, 2528

- PO Box 119,

  Warilla, NSW, 2528

- http://www.warillasurf.org.au/

- nsw380

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