Tilbury Classic Ocean Swim


New!  2016 Tilbury Classic Ocean Swim

The Tilbury Classic is a spectacularly beautiful swim around a beautiful headland through some fascinating water, with lots of life, swells surging over reefs, etc. It's a lot of fun.


When we last did this swim, two years back, the dolphins put on a display in the break to welcome us during the race briefing. Culburra is one of those cul-de-sac towns that most people wouldn't normally get to. Ocean swimming gets us there, though, and that's reason enough alone to be a fine ocean swimmer.


This is an Easter Saturday special now.


Entries close 3:00pm on the 25th March, 2016.


Event Information;

For all information regarding the Tilbury Classic Ocean Swim refer to the OceanSwims.com web page link above.


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