Training Course Details


South Coast Branch Education Program 2014-2015 Season

Training Course (Award)

Silver Medallion Basic

Beach Management


Advanced Resuscitation


Date and Time

Sun 12th, Sept - 9.00am



Sat 8th, Nov - 1.00pm


Sat 1st, Nov - 10.00am

Sun 2nd, Nov - 10.00am


Fri 17th, Oct - 6:00pm


Fri 17th, Oct - 6.00pm

Sat 18th, Oct - 9.00am


Sat 30th, Aug - 9.00am


Sun 24th, Aug - 1.00pm


Sun 24th, Aug - 9.00am



Sat 23rd, Aug - 9.00am

Sat 23rd, Aug - 1.00pm


Other Courses
  • IRB Day.

This day is for those people interested in becoming a Trainer IRB and/or Assessor IRB. At this stage it is not planned to be for IRB Drivers or Crew Persons training or assessment. It is a day set down for Sat 8th Nov 1.00pm start.  (Josh Douglas, Glenn Matthews and Dave Hough)

  • SMAR Course.

This is to be organised when and where as appropriate by Bruce O’Sullivan and Dana Richards.   Contact either of these two people to indicate your intention to attend.

  • HTLAIDS Ugrades.

This has been postponed to Sun 7th Sept 10.00am start at the Shoalhaven Heads SLSC.

All T/A/F’s for ARTC and BM (SRC) need to attend to remain proficient.  All T/A/F’s must have worked through the appropriate workbook prior to the face-to-face component and bring the workbook to the course. This workbook will be sent out well in advance of the course.

(Steve Allan)


Other Important Information
  • Please indicate your intention to attend well in advance as equipment and resources may need to be organised.

  • For the courses in August and September RSVP to Josh Douglas

  • For all other course, RSVP to Jim Connolly

  • Courses which do not attract sufficient people may be altered or cancelled.

  • Let your club CTO/Captain know of your intention to attend and ask for your name to be entered onto a Form 14 in Surfguard.

  • All courses have pre-requisites.  It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that they meet these pre-requisites. The charts showing the pre-requisites should be readily available at each club and are on the SLSNSW website.

  • Venues may be altered if the hosting club is not available.

My thanks to Josh Douglas who will be facilitating many of these courses and to all the others involved as well as the hosting clubs.


Jim Connolly - Director of Education & Assessment - 23/07/2014

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